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Most of these video are by me, a few are by others and they are mentioned in the title 

  • Aug 2017 Solar Eclipse Video, from near Hereford, OR
    • Video shows highlights of eclipse along with its shadow on Earth.
  • Aug 2017 Solar Eclipse Video, from near Hereford, OR, by Tucker Hammerstrom
    • My friend Tucker had a great idea to use his drone to show moon’s shadow travel during the eclipse. The video is about 6x normal speed.
  • Susan and I hiking The Narrows in Zion National Park, Utah, Nov 2011
    • The hike is about 7 1/2 miles round trip in scenic slot canyon, over 5 miles of it in the river due to narrow canyon.  I used a GoPro camera, tiny HD camcorder, waterproof to 180ft.  I had a second trekking pole (extended about 4ft), that has tripod mount on top, with GoPro attached.  The angle of camera is such that you cannot see the 2nd pole I am holding in my left hand. I am holding them out so camera is above and in front of us.