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After storing all our belongings in northern Utah, our next order of business was to establish our residence in South Dakota. We are not going to settle in California again, so needed a state friendly to our nomadic life. South Dakota is the most friendly state for folks who don’t have a physical address like those that live full time in an RV. So its a good fit for us as we look for a new home in the western states.
We may end up in South Dakota as it has a lot going for it, who knows.

On the way from Utah we went through Colorado.

Then into Wyoming where we stopped for gas in Laramie and received a nice surprise on gas prices.

Dazzle wants his turn to drive

We were pretty beat after arriving in Rapid City

After a day in South Dakota we have our licenses and it only took 20 minutes in the DMV.

Then an hour in the County Treasurer’s Office and we have all our vehicles and the boat registered in South Dakota. Even Dazzle likes the idea.

The new plates on the Suburban.

Back through Wyoming, stopping in Gillette to see our friend Vince.

Gillette is a known producer of coal, and here is a train heading out.

Unusual Cadillac in Rawling, WY

I-80 east of Park City

As we went over the pass before Salt Lake City, it was snowing at the top.

Some fall colors

Cliff Hall

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