Susan and Cliff travel to The Maze section of Canyonlands National Park, Utah which is considered one of the most remote areas in the Continental US. Before heading into The Maze we took a 4 wheel drive trail in the San Rafael Swell. Next was Arches National Park and that night we stayed in Hanksville at a terrible motel. Very rust stained tub and sink, one inch gap under the door, sand covered carpet, etc. Next morning loaded with plenty of fuel we headed to Horseshoe Canyon for the ancient pictographs and then on to The Maze, camping that night at Cleopatra’s Chair. After a very windy night in our tent we headed to our next camp at the Maze Overlook campsite. About 6 miles from camp we noticed the Land Cruiser’s front axle was leaking. We decided to cancel our last two nights of camping in the Maze and head for the south exit at Hite, the closest way out. A number of the photos here were taken by Susan.

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